Monday, July 9, 2012

Collect then Select

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He had dated girls from almost all stereotypes - cheerleaders, goths, emos, musicians, etc. All the stereotypes, all the girls, except for one - his best friend.
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Helen Thinks: AfterPartyFiasco has taken a situation that many girls will relate to; falling for your best friend; and created a cute, fluffy one shot that has you smiling along with the adorable moments. “Collect then Select” sees Nicola watching her best friend, Aaron, dating every girl in their school, no matter what group or stereotype they belong to, apart from one girl – her. At first, this doesn’t bother her. She plays the supportive best friend that is always there to support him when the endless relationships run their mile and lose their spark. Eventually though, thanks to his new found habit of wanting to hold her hand and hug her, she’s starting to muse over why not her?

Thanks to AfterPartyFiasco’s perfect writing and the introduction of believable and relatable characters, a plot has been created that provides a quick and beautiful reach which will leave you smiling for hours once you’ve finished. Seriously, I challenge you not to smile!


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