Monday, July 23, 2012

Taking Down Tanner

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“Warning: Innocent people were used and manipulated in getting Tanner Williams to fall madly in love with Samantha Goldstein. You know what they say - don't play games with a girl who can play better. Too bad no one told Sam the rules were changing...”
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Amy Thinks: There's always that one guy that you hate more than anything. He's arrogant, handsome, gets anything he wants, and he knows it. i found nemo maps out ten little steps that should knock them down a peg or two and deflate their oversized ego.

In each chapter, Samantha Goldstein uses these steps in her plan of Taking Down Tanner. Tanner Williams is the guy every girl wants, including Samantha, no matter how hard she tries to deny it. Since she has an ego to rival Tanner's, she's a bit frustrated that he ignores her and won't succumb to her whims like any other guy does. So, she maps out a plan of ten simple steps to make Tanner fall for her and break his heart. It's just too bad that the steps are much easier on paper than reality. And more than one person may get hurt.

The story is only 11 chapters long: ten and a prologue. The chapter lengths are not crazy long either, making the pace of the story go by extremely fast. The way the two fall in love seems unrealistic, but given the short story aspect, it has to be a bit. But, there were buried feelings for each other that both characters refused to acknowledge until they got together. Although the story is Samantha's point of view, I wish we got to know a bit more about Tanner. What it was about him that made her fall.

So, if you're looking for a quick, short read where hate turns to love, definitely check out Taking Down Tanner. It's one that will prove to you that even the best plans of attack can go astray in the game of love.


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