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The Bonny Ship

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There is an island on the fringes of the ocean. It devours ships. Entire crews vanish, never heard from again. Shipwrecked on this very island, Evalyn Ross discovers that surviving the wreck is only the beginning, for there be pirates on these shores.
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Melissa Thinks: Ever since I saw Pirates of the Caribbean as a kid, I've had a strange love for pirates. The amount of excitement in the air the moment I started reading this was almost unfathomable. Evalyn Ross is shipwrecked and to make matters worse, her foot has been caught in some kind of trap. When someone comes to collect their catch, they find Evelyn instead. And by someone, I actually mean a whole crew of pirates. They take her to their ship where she's to room with their captain (wink wink). This is when she learns that there's something different about this island; no one ages, no one leaves.

I love me some pirates and the pirates in this story were not disappointing. Although there is a bit of a twist in that the pirates are actually good and the villagers are the bad ones. I thought it was very well written! Everyone sounds like they belongs in their time period with not only the dialogue, but the greatly worded prose as well. Eve, as a character, is very well rounded and fleshed out as is the captain (the main love interest) and the General. However, some of the minor characters, such as some of the pirates, can get a little confusing with telling the difference between them and their thickly accented dialogue, but other than that it was perfect.

Usually, historical aspects in stories are not my thing, but M. Forthe made me want to get interested. The writing and characterization made me so enamored with this story. There were some errors and the fact that her foot didn’t fall off was kinda unbelievable, but besides that it was a wonderful story. I recommend this to anyone who loves pirates as much as I do.


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