Friday, July 13, 2012

They Call Him Lovely

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Andrew expected the worst when his brother's team found out he was gay. But instead of beatings, he gets kisses, instead of teasing, pet names. He's their extra mom, their wife. He just has to figure out which one means it when they say 'I love you.'
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Helen Thinks: Zedler has created a 'verse where all pro-choice people wish we could live in “They Call Him Lovely”. Andrew was terrified about coming out to his brother and his football team but instead of being beaten up and shunned, the team accepted him by giving him pet names and sharing kisses and hugs with them. Instead of hating him, the team see Andrew as either a mother or a wife and it's a role he plays well. However, when he finds out the rest of the school has a website running called “Lovely's Hubby” where they are running bets to see which member of the team he'll 'marry', he realises that maybe one member of the team is being serious when they join in with the loving behaviour. Question is, which one is it?

Despite this story being focused on Andrew and his quest to find out which member of the team likes him, Zedler also has conjured up an amazing cast of characters that all have their own tales to tell. There's their father that never had time to live life as he had the two brother's at a young age, a footballer and his girlfriend dealing with their own teenage pregnancy and the brother that always lets everyone have what they want – even if he wants it too. Never do these small extra story lines take away the limelight from the original plot, instead they add to it and make it even more addictive because we see Andrew in his element as he focuses on all these extra situations.

There's such a warm, at home feeling that settles in you when you read this story thanks to the way the team are with Andrew, how they are with each other and just from the amazing writing that Zedler has shared with us. “They Call Him Lovely” is an addictive read that you won't be able to shut off until we all know the final answer of who is it that loves Andrew?


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