Friday, July 13, 2012

You Say Stubborn Like It's a Bad Thing

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When a trip to the movies goes wrong, and Leah, a stubborn, firey redhead is stuck alone with her arrogantly levelheaded friend Simon for four hours, what will happen?
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Helen Thinks: “You Say Stubborn Like It's A Bad thing” by Sally Can Wait is a fantastic little read about two friends hanging about in a shopping centre after their friends sneak into the movies to watch Saw II; a movie Leah most definitely does not want to see. Anyone who has had late night adventures around a shopping centre; especially at Christmas; will know how beautiful and magical an occasion this is but throw in an ice skating rink, mistletoe – or is it holly? - and in you are in for a perfect adventure.

This one shot has the added element of humour which seems to come naturally through Sally Can Wait's flawless writing. It's neither awkward or forced and has you smiling along as you read. Despite only being a one-shot and we only see each minor character briefly, Sally Can Wait describes each character that perfectly through Leah's thoughts about each one, you believe that they are a main part of the story and can feel exactly how Leah feels when they bail on her to see a different movie. To be able to do this throughout a one shot is an amazing ability and Sally Can Wait definitely shows us how to do it right!

Once you reach the end of this stunning story, I can bet that you were wishing your late night adventures were just like this...


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