Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Valentine Wars

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Abbey Walsh: absolutely, positively hates Valentine's Day. Noah Petersen: stuck delivering singing valentines. Olivia Lee: just trying to have a little fun. These three friends are in for quite a ride.
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Annie Thinks: Reading this, it's pretty easy to see why this one-shot was a SKoW prompt winner. It was funny, cute, and well-written--a very rare combination.

It's about a girl named Abbey on Valentine's Day, a holiday she abhors. Her friend Olivia, however, is determined to make her day a great one. Abbey has a crush on Noah (who may or may not have a crush on Olivia), who is in the men's a capella group at school. For Valentine's Day, students can buy singing grams and this group will go from class to class all day delivering them to the unfortunate recipients. Olivia sends one to Abbey for Noah to perform, and the attached message (which he reads) hints at her crush on him. From the moment Abbey finds out she sent one to her, the war is on, and they spend the rest of the day sending Noah back and forth, singing to them in turn.

If it sounds embarrassing, that's because it is, and that's what makes it so funny. Abbey's reactions are believable--awkward but trying desperately not to be. Noah is pretty cute too. He doesn't seem to get too embarrassed by singing ridiculous love songs to boys and girls all day. The only thing I didn't really like about this one-shot was the whole I-hate-Valentine's Day-and-I-don't-believe-in-love thing. It's become a bit over done. However, that wasn't enough to detract from the cute-funny-sweetness of the story. Really, I was laughing and smiling throughout the whole one-shot. Even though there's a 99.73% chance (I did the math) that you won't be reading this on Valentine's Day, I definitely suggest taking a few minutes out of your day to read Valentine Wars. .

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  1. I just found this - thank you for your incredible review! I must have known my story made it on here but I guess I forgot until now. Quite honestly, I gave myself about three days to write the story before the contest deadline, otherwise I would have come up with something way more original (in fact, this story did happen to me a few years ago, minus the part where he found out I had a crush on him...) Anyway, I love your site!

    -Laurel (firefly114)



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