Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Badasses Don't Walk on Sunshine

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"Who are you? God?" I demand. "Maybe I am. And with the way you've been treating me, well, you're going to hell, buddy," she says indignantly. "Yeah," I sneer. "I'm sure that God definitely goes around kicking third graders in the balls."
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Helen Thinks: “Badasses Don't Walk on Sunshine” by Emedea is the one shot you've been searching for all your life. Do you want to know why? It's in the male point of view. This new perspective makes it an extraordinary read. I'm an elder sister to a seventeen year old brother so therefore I have a handful of surrogate brothers so I know first hand how teenage boys act and this attitude was spot on through Emedea's writing. The belief that they're bad ass, ten men and could kill you with one look is their attitude to a tee. Therefore, Emedea's characterisation leaves me green with envy.

Despite being persistent that he can't stand our female character because of the way she's treated him throughout their school life AND because she's obsessed with another guy, he can't help but hang out at her shop – just waiting for her to throw him out. Every interaction between the two characters makes the reader smile along with them, especially when it's the awkward family moment of everyone believe they are dating.

With a perfect balance of fluff and the bad boy ideal from our main character, this story is a realistic glimpse into a young teenage boy's mind that provides readers with a read they'll never forget.


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