Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Neverland: Forsaken Dreamscape

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An original tale based on the story of Peter Pan. A corrupted world begs for a savior, but its one hope might also be its biggest threat.
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Melissa Thinks: Neverland is not the same place we all know and love. Captain Hook has taken over everything, corrupting the fairies and the land. When Peter rescues Wendy from a mental hospital, she's shocked to find that Neverland has become as crazy as the world thought she was back home. Now together the very different and both older Peter and Wendy must find the Lost Boys and stop Hook before his greed and hatred destroy everything they remembered Neverland to be, forever.

It's a spin on the classic Peter Pan stories. It technically is fanfiction, but the story is so in depth and different, I consider it a whole new original story. I've always had a crush on Peter, and this just heightened my crush to new levels. Peter and Wendy are the ultimate couple, really. I love them to bits in this story. Lani Lenore really did her part in embodying the characters, making them close to what they are originally, yet putting her own twists in to make them hers. The writting flowed so perfectly with dialogue true to the characters. It is quite a dark story because it takes this childhood tale and makes it into something dark and adultish. I was kinda creeped out at times just thinking about it. As I said, this could be an original story. If nobody had written Peter Pan, this story would still be wonderful and easy to understand. Dont take my word for it though. Read it yourself and find out


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