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Girl at Heart

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Girl at Heart by Promiscuous Geek
My name is Loralai Sterlin.. oh and the guy who has me in a headlock? That's the First Son, James Winters.. he's my soulmate, he just doesn't know it yet. Probably because he thinks I'm a guy, I'm actually a girl. Yea.. welcome to my life..
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Ciara Thinks: There’s been an attempt on the life of the First Son and Loralai, a quirky undercover agent is assigned to be his bodyguard and investigate the case. The only catch? He attends an all boys boarding school.

The cliché of pretending to be the other gender is almost always one filled with hilarious misunderstandings and near misses and Girl at Heart certainly does not disappoint, with more humour than you can shake a stick at.

Loralai does not seem like she would be a good agent – she’s excitable and fun – but she can also take responsibility when the events call for it. Her relationship with James starts out tentatively as he thinks her a little strange (Loralai does introduce herself by talking about Area 51) but the two become friends.

The grammar and pacing of this story certainly aren’t perfect, especially at the start, but they don’t distract from the story too much. Instead, Promiscuous Geek’s style rather suits Loralai’s personality, since she is the main narrator, and her tendency to go off on tangents.

Overall Girl at Heart does what a comedic story is supposed to – it makes you laugh, a lot – and the ending will almost certainly put a cheesy grin on your face for the rest of the day.


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