Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Handsome Father

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The Handsome Father by FreekyDisaster18
Having just broke up with her ex, Christy is out with her friends determined to forget about him and ends up going home with a stranger that she finds herself falling for. What happens when he doesn't turn out to be just a stranger but the father to one of her pupils?
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Melissa Thinks: After finding out her boyfriend was in fact engaged to another woman, Christy heads to the bar with her friends for a bachelorette party to have a little fun. She didn't expect that she'd be leaving the bar that night with another man, and she definitely didn't expect for him to be the father of one of her students. She finds herself falling hard for him in a matter of moments, with his exceptionally fresh attitude towards life and a great love for his eight year old daughter.

What a wonderful example of the Forbidden category! FreekyDisaster18 has a almost perfect style of writing that consists of poetic prose with vivid details and settings. It reads like a published book with a distinct English voice that can captivate even then most picky reader. I sind her to be one of my favorite authors just because of how well she captivates her audience. I felt like the plot was something you'd think would be overdone, but really it was such a rare storyline to see. In the Forbidden category, sometimes things can get a little repetative, but The Handsome Father never did. It was filled with fluffy, sassy, sexy bits that keep everything new and interesting for the reader. There were a few simple mistakes throughout the piece, but nothing that grabbed too much of my attention. Let's give this relatively unknown story a bit of good old lovin, shall we?


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