Monday, August 13, 2012

Seahorse Love

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Seahorse Love by RentBoheme & Morine
Betty and Gerald were seahorses. They had their individual aquariums, their individual lives. But as soon as their paths crossed, everything changed.
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Annie Thinks: An unconventional viewpoint on an unconventional romance. This story is amazingly, gently, beautifully written.

Betty and Gerald are seahorses. Their relationships with their owners, Mary Ann and Ian respectively, are at once possessive and caring. It is through their eyes, and their perspective from their tanks, that Mary Ann and Ian’s romance unfolds. The day that the two human lovers move in together, Betty and Gerald meet.

It’s an instant connection.

Honestly, I’m not used to seahorse lovin’. (Not sure if anybody is...) But the adorable descriptions make me want to hug these seahorses, dampness be damned. They are bashful and charming throughout their first meeting, their first kiss and their first child. Based on a singular idea, this one-shot is flawlessly written. I applaud the remarkable plot, faultless grammar and lovable characters. It’s just so...warm. I love it.

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  1. That was one of the cutesy stories I have ever read. :) EEEEEE! I really like to read your reviews. They point me toward new stories to enjoy. It makes me quite happy. :)



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