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Skinny Dipping with Grove Murray

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Skinny Dipping with Grove Murray by hi-tanner85
He hit me. Well, not so much hit me as fell into me and knocked me down. My ego was bruised. . . along with my head. Yes, it hurt. He kissed me! Well not so much kissed me as ran into my neck with his mouth. Oh great, now I'm stupid.
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Annie Thinks: Have you ever loved a story so much that it physically pains you to remember that it didn't actually happen and the characters don't actually exist? That's what this story does to me. I've read it more than a few times and I love it more each re-read.

It's about a girl named Ella who gets accidentally punched in the head by bad-ish boy Grove Murray, who was in a fight over his sister. She confronts him about it (which I love) and he starts to show an interest in her. It's a very simple plot; it basically follows the path of Ella and Grove's relationship, jam-packed with jealous ex-flings, a grudge-holding band member, and so much more beautiful stuff.

There is so much I love about this story--one review can't even begin to cover it all. The characters are amazing. Skinny Dipping with Grove Murray is seriously the best example of character development I can think of. Ella is kind and funny and so caring without being unrealistic or unlikable. She's one of the only female MCs I've experienced who doesn't annoy the crap out of me at one point or another. And Grove Murray--oh my goodness, don't even get me started on Grove Murray. I'm sort of in love with him. Never mind that he's fictional. He has that bad boy look to him, with his piercings and tattoos and messy black hair, but underneath all that, he's a big ol' teddy bear. He's scarily rough when Ella is hurt or in danger of being hurt, but when it's just the two of them, he's the sweetest thing in the world. I love that he has a past--a dark one, one that he's still dealing with everyday.

The supporting characters were beautiful, too. Grace is an amazing best friend who puts Ella before herself. Ella's dad is hilarious; he's like Grove--rough when he needs to be, but a giant softy when it comes to Ella. Grove's friends are the kind of friends you wish you have. They're so funny and realistic--they became real people to me. All of the characters did.

For all of the good things about this story, there are bad things too. The grammar is atrocious sometimes. There are constantly missing or wrong words, not-so-stellar spelling, and sometimes stiff narration. Obviously, the plot, though simple, was unrealistic. How often does a super hot bad boy begin liking an ordinary girl seemingly out of the blue?

Honestly, although those things got on my nerves sometimes, Skinny Dipping with Grove Murray is still perfect in my mind. It's such a simple story--all it's about is a boy and a girl, but it causes so much emotion. There are little moments or lines that are so good they surprise you. Hi-tanner85 is, in my opinion, the best character writer on FictionPress. If you've read Sebastian Bear, you'll know how good she is at making normal girls extraordinary, and bad boys well-rounded.

So go read it now. Even if you don't have time. Even if your house is on fire. Read it.


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