Saturday, August 4, 2012

Still Employed

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Still Employed by EruptingFender9
You should come up here,' Scott said, breaking me out of my daze. 'Come where? Up to the bakery?.' I asked into the phone. 'Yeah,' he replied. 'If I have to sit here alone any longer, I'm gonna to strangle myself with this bakery string.'
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Helen Thinks: When you see the name EruptingFender9 on a story, you know you’re in for a treat and this is delivered through the wonderful story that is “Still Employed”.

Despite being the girl and best friend angle, this story is far from cliché. Our male lead, Scott, is at work in a bakery that is desolate at that day so he makes a phone call to his best friend, Cameron, pleading with her to come keep him company or he’s going to strangle himself. Like with any best friends, they have some cute times that helps Cameron realise that she’s been experiencing feelings that you wouldn’t usually put under the category of friendship.

Do you know what was amazing about this story? Yes, there are a lot of fantastic concepts such as realistic characters that we probably could recognise in our own friendship circles if we looked for them, dialogue that made you smile along as well as a beautiful amount of narration that keeps the reader aware of what’s happening but my favourite part was the end. Obviously I am not going to tell you what happens, because I expect you’ll all hunt me down and kill me for such a spoiler alert, but EruptingFender9 has shown an audience how to correctly end a story that allows the audience to feel captivated for hours after they have finished reading. It was cute, quirky and a hundred per cent original.


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