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Sweepers by Minty F
A sweeper is defined as any man that can sweep a woman off of her feet. Instead, Luke Sawyer nearly shoves me to the ground. Either he's a complete jerk, or love just got a whole lot more violent.
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Ciara Thinks: One thing that really struck me about this story was its realism. It starts with the main character, Adelaide, having a bad day and Luke knocking her over and not apologizing proves to be the last straw. When Luke turns out to be her next student to tutor in Maths, Adelaide is none too pleased, but a friendship develops between the pair that evolves throughout the story. What was brilliant about Minty F’s writing was that it really let you connect with Adelaide, she seems real, with realistic problems, insecurities and an obsession with Quang - a boy she is convinced is her ‘sweeper’ (someone who will you sweep you off your feet). In fact all the characters are made easy to relate to, purely because they all have their own distinctive personalities and flaws, it makes them seem real.
The relationship between Adelaide and Luke unfolds at a believable pace, amidst other issues in their lives - families, friends, school - and therefore it is quite often not the focal point.

In terms of the writing itself, it flows just perfectly, with very few grammar mistakes.Though not always funny in the ‘ha-ha, I think I just peed myself’ sense, the story provides us with much humour, in a more subtle form, usually Adelaide’s snark.

The story may seem long, but is very sweet and well worth the read as it is very hard not to love it.


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