Sunday, August 19, 2012

What I Found in My Locker

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What I Found in My Locker by S.Eli
Ace Reporter Lucy has to get to the bottom of the story...about the roses in her locker.
Banner Credit: Melissa

Melissa Thinks: I think many of us fantasize about a boy leaving flowers in our lockers and in geeky Lucy's case, that's exactly what happened. She heads to her locker in between classes to find different amounts of red and white roses each time. Together, her and the boy who has the locker adjacent to hers, try to find the mystery rose leaver. Although a tad predictable, What I Found In My Locker was a basket of cuteness. I loved the interactions between Lucy and Locker Guy, and their characters as well. There were almost no mistakes and the writing had a strong voice. There was a nice balance of fluff, not too much so as to ward off the more realistic story lovers. It was a very simple, yet gratifying to read. It's short enough so that anyone can take the time to read it. You can breeze through rather quick, so this is definitely one for those with thick schedules.


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