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Thor by invisible.writer
Thor was the pretend boyfriend I made up so Samuel 'My Face is a Bacterial Wasteland' Matherson would leave me alone. So why is Thor standing in front me in the flesh?
Banner Credit: Anita Darling

Belinda Thinks: Sage may not be the most popular girl in her grade, but she is still sick of her lab partner, Samuel, making constant, awkward advances. The logical thing to do? Pretend to have a boyfriend - Thor.
The non-existent Thor is everything Sage never knew she wanted. He’s blond, not dark-haired; he’s cute, not hot; he’s scruffy, not neat; he’s musical, not book-smart. Their story becomes more elaborate, including a skateboard and an imaginary band named the “Boxcutters”, until Sage has Samuel, her friend Audrey, and even herself, convinced.

However, her deception threatens to collapse when the real Boxcutters come to play a gig in the area. Urged on and accompanied by Audrey, Sage goes to the concert, fully expecting her lies to be revealed when her “boyfriend”, Thor, never turns up. But what really happens is a surreal experience that defies her expectations of herself and the people around her.

The one shot is funny, sweet, technically adept and very relatable. After all, it’s always nice to have someone, even if this someone is a make-believe boyfriend who shares a name with a Norse god and Marvel superhero.


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