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Vandrophobia by SammyLi
I have an odd fear. I fear beautiful men. Luckily there aren't many in the world, but when my class receives a transfer student who is a completely beautiful boy and is assigned to sit next to me...I just might crack.
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Ciara Thinks: In Vandrophobia the quirky Lira (who has an incredibly cooking ability) finds her phobia of pretty boys stretched to the limit by the new boy in her class, the utterly beautiful Wintar. This leads to many hilarious moments where Lira tries to confront her fear and avoid Wintar’s many fangirls who don’t like Lira’s sometimes odd reactions to her fear (such as punching Wintar in the face), particularly the female wrestling team who dub themselves ‘Wintar’s Entourage’.

SammyLi has given Vandrophobia a surreal quality (though at one point it does seem quite unrealistic) that makes it all the more humorous. All the main characters have lively and distinct personalities that really make it come to life. Though the grammar does slip occasionally, the writing is of a good standard overall.

Lira has a strong voice and more quirks than you can shake a stick at that really helps give Vandrophobia a completely unique edge to its narrative. Her phobia sticks with her throughout the story and isn’t magically cured at any point (though there are some hilarious attempts at giving Lira therapy via overexposure to pretty boys) and Lira suffers as her phobia influences her behaviour quite often. I also liked how the story deals with some of the pressures of the modelling industry (Wintar’s parents are both models) whilst also being able to poke fun at it.

Vandrophobia reminded me of a sitcom – it’s lighthearted, a little ridiculous (in a good way) and full of laughs.


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