Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dropping the Act

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Dropping the Act by xoxluurve
"Jealous?" He knew the damn answer to that. She grabbed him into place so that no space existed between them. He knew he wished it were like this forever. "You wish." Cute how they try to run when all they need is each other.
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Helen Thinks: “Dropping the Act” by xoxluurve takes the girl and best friend cliché and gives it a good shake up to make it simply unique, as well as one of those stories that has you glued to your screen to find out what has happened.

Reed and Lainey have the kind of relationship where they like to push the other’s buttons with one sole aim: to see which one of them will fall first and admit they have something going on between them. The characters are extremely realistic; it’s like actually being there amongst your friends. Back in English studies, I was taught that you should have a good reason for adding cussing into a story and I believe that xoxluurve most definitely has this covered! The language does not take control of the story, it just adds to the realism that makes this story three dimensional and believable.

However, I do have one issue with this story. At one point, I found myself wondering how I had arrived at the scene but that does not mean it is not worth reading! Despite the minute moment of confusion, xoxluurve still manages to make “Dropping the Act” a one in a lifetime read.

With the added elements of fluff and humour, this story is an extremely cute read that will have you expressing all the emotions at your computer screen.


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