Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hello Kitty

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Hello Kitty by Endless Dark
After a drunken night, Lira wakes up next to Jude, a childhood nemesis. It gets worse when they find that they're married. But when an opportunity too good to pass up presents itself, what will happen when they stay married?
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Amy Thinks:  There are times in people's lives where they just have one too many drinks and do something they'll come to regret the next morning. I, personally, tend to make some drunken phonecalls (some I may not even remember). However, I haven't reached the point Hello Kitty's protagonists did.

Jude Keenan and Lira O'Brien have been enemies since elementary school and continued through to their college years. So imagine their shock after finding the other in the same bed of a low rate motel after a drunken night of smokin' hot sex. The shock only intensifies when they realize they are married and have matching Hello Kitty tattoos with each others name. They both come to an agreement that the marriage needs to end as soon as possible. But, with Jude being cutoff ('suspended' as he puts it) from his parent's money, a quickie divorce is a no go. Unless, the two put on a lovestruck face, stay married, and convince his grandmother that the marriage is real to receive a hefty trust fund due to a loophole. If Lira agreed, he'd give her a hundred thousand dollars and a house she can call her own. When the lines of their relationship become blurred, are they still fooling everyone else, or themselves?

There were times where chapters were mainly dialogue, and I wished there could have been more narrative throughout the entire story. When reading on my phone, it is really hard to see the line breaks, thus when she had point of view changes, it seemed out of nowhere. It was easier to recognize via the actual site than the mobile version. Despite these, I found the heated arguments and insults Lira threw at Jude humorous. It's almost as if she swallowed a thesaurus and spat out the words back at him.

All in all, Hello Kitty was a refreshing read, making it seem that the drunken mistake was probably the best thing to happen to them.

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  1. I do love the story, and I do thank you for pointing it out for me, however... How in ten blazes is this story in the 'love triangle' category? There's no third person in Lira and Jude's relationship at all! If anything, it really should be put in the 'love/hate' category.

    Thanks for pointing out a good story though, Amy.



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