Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dear Imagination

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Dear Imagination by Loly_Darko
An angry, anthropophobic loner gets thrust into the world of typical teen socialization, aggravating freshmen and unbearable crushes when her new neighbors, a chatterbox and a bully, move in. A darker twist on the bad boy/good girl.
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Ciara Thinks: Dear Imagination tells the story of Lyn, who has anthropophobia. She writes letters to her imagination, often detailing many vivid ways in which she will kill it, in order to scare away everyone in her school. That is until she gets some new neighbours, Carol, who talks incessantly, and Christopher, your typical silent, chain-smoking bad boy.

Although Lyn and Christopher aren’t the nicest of people, you grow to like them as their surprisingly cute relationship develops. Loly Darko writes really well, with very few mistakes and an almost perfect flow. The story is laced with drama, particularly as Lyn’s struggles with the anthropophobia that overshadows her life.

The humour is very witty and black, reflected in both of the main characters’ personalities. Funnier moments are provided by Lyn torturing her school’s hapless counsellor, Ms. Cybil, letting her think she’s a nymphomaniac along with ‘mentally disturbed’.

Dear Imagination isn’t the type of story I would typically choose, but in this instance, I was glad I stepped out of my comfort zone as I was treated to a really memorable story.


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