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Not Crash So Hot

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Not Crash So Hot by rosieroo
Regan's life is filled with nasty queen bees, high school parties, discriminative cliques, torturous camps, soccer, her popular brother and sister, and this certain male enemy who won't leave her alone! Logan Williams wasn't prepared to play with fire
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Ciara Thinks: Avoiding abuse of Caps Lock is extremely hard when reviewing this story, it’s just that good, but I just about managed it. Not So Crash Hot is about tomboy Regan Shanahan and her love-hate relationship with her brother’s best friend Logan. There is such wonderful chemistry between the two, with lots of hilarious banter and cuteness too.

All the characters are well-rounded and memorable, with realistic relationships, particularly the one between Regan and her ‘golden’ older siblings James and Tori – James she likes, Tori, not so much – as through all the bickering, there is the undercurrent of sibling affection. Regan is very funny, cheeky and slightly crazy, with an aversion to girly things, but she has her insecurities – ‘I swear I look like a piece of poo’ – and they just make her all the more likable. Logan is witty, handsome, arrogant, yet very sweet, with a ‘Mystery Girl’.

Written by our own wonderful Rosie, the diction of the story is excellent - coming from Regan’s very funny viewpoint – with realistic dialogue and very few mistakes, certainly none that distract from the story itself. It flows well, with all the humour, drama, sports, cliques and parties one would expect in a high school story.

Not So Crash Hot is all kinds of wonderful, so I’m going to round off now before this review deteriorates into a fan-girl-ish rant, and say that you should definitely go read it if you haven’t already (and if you have, why not read it again?).


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