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Island Olivier

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Island Olivier by elisefey
What: Stranded. When: One screwed up summer vacation. Where: A deserted Island. How: Long story. Who: Me. And that guy who doesn't really count because at this rate I'm gonna kill the jerk before we ever get rescued...
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Melissa Thinks: Two tourists from a boat traveling to Polynesia, an American woman and a French man, get stranded on an island when their boat gets caught in a storm. Unfortunately, with neither of them speaking the other's language, frustration fills the air as they try and communicate with each other; sometimes succeeding and other times failing miserably. The interactions between Olivier and Rose Mary as they try to not only get along, but try to find a way off this island is filled with annoyance and passion. Will they be saved or will they be stuck forever?

This was an interesting and simple plot. I've loved stranded stories ever since I saw LOST when I was younger. The story was not only believable, but realistic. The relationship between the two characters was very amusing and charming to watch unfold. Olivier's arrogant attitude at first was a little annoying, but he grew on me after a few chapters, as did Romie who at first was ordinary and bland, became a strong female lead with a good sense of humor. It did get predictable and cliche at certain points, but not in an obnoxious way; in a totally awesome and fluffy way! Contrasting between both of the cultures and personalities of the characters created a nice little uniqueness and hilarity to their exchanges and it especially added character to the story in seeing how different situations can be viewed by two different people. Island Olivier wouldn't have been the same without the language barrier that makes the whole thing way more romantic. It's a power struggle between two dominant people in which they must decide what they care more about: their pride or their survival.


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