Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Story You Shouldn't Know

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The Story You Shouldn't Know by Bingo
/Perfection does not make allowances. Perfection doesn't weaken. And Anna would./ Anna's life is pleasant enough, until she meets Josh. He's charming, smart, and knows everything about everyone. Unfortunately, he's also very, very evil.
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Melissa Thinks: Venturing into a deeper level than most YA fiction, The Story You shouldn't Know sheds light on the very essence of our nature as human beings. Literally complete and total opposites, Josh and Anna are fighting against the odds with their strange love/hate relationship to make things work while attending a school for gifted children. Anna must uncover the mystery within herself in order to see the truth of her existence and the world around her.

It's full of action, powerful emotions, lessons to be learned, and forbidden romance that can sometimes keep you so engrossed that everything else fades away. It was obvious to me while reading that the believability of certain aspects were quite questionable, but that didn't take away from the strong emotional bond that pulled me into the tale. Our main couple provide great contrast to each other: Anna's sweet, kind, naivety to Josh's devilish, sexy and powerful. It's a story that, contrary to the title, everyone should know.


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