Saturday, September 1, 2012

Whiplash Therapy For The Undearly

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Whiplash Therapy For The Undearly by A Perfect Sonnet
Heartstring whiplash in the breath before summer, I regret forgetting how your fingerprints felt against my skin.
Banner Credit: Melissa

Helen Thinks: Having never lost a true love, or a love of any kind, I could not possibly state that I could relate to the emotions that A Perfect Sonnet was trying to portray in “Whiplash Therapy for the Undearly” but at the same time, that would be a lie. I can relate to how THEY were feeling thanks to their beautiful writing throughout this poem. The heartache, the mourning of something that they thought they had once held but time had eventually stolen from them is portrayed in each breathless descriptive sentence that they use to construct such a wonderful piece of literature. Being hooked from the first word, you find yourself studying this poem so many times you can start to see the sentences off by heart! Personally, I believe that if this poem does not leave you breathless, or without the slight tingle of goose bumps, then you must go back and re-read it because it is simply a piece of fiction that hits every emotion.


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