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The Wolf and the Seal

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The Wolf and the Seal by Kimagure
Wolf's been a part of the circus for a long time, and it's left scars. But when the circus obtains a new attraction, things are about to change for Wolf.
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Helen Thinks: Back when I was sixteen and faced with the difficult decision of ‘what do I want to do with my life?’ there was always one option that I kept repeating; to run away with the circus. Yes, it was said in jest but at the same time I have always been intrigued by the romance that is the circus and I was over the moon excited when this extremely amazing one shot by Kimagure was suggested. As you all should know, I am a huge sucker to stories that take place in a different setting and the setting of a circus most definitely hits my addiction.

“The Wolf and the Seal” by Kimagure is the story of Wolf, a boy that can turn into a Wolf; not only when the moon is full but when he is angered; so he is obviously a huge it at the ‘freak’ show that he has been a part of for a long time now. What he does not expect to happen is for the circus master to find a new freak, Seal, who can also transform into a creature with the help of a pelt and he most definitely does not expect for Seal to feel safe with him, or the other way round.

Kimagure’s ability to suck a reader into their story and relate to the characters is phenomenonal, especially due to the fact this story had supernatural elements so therefore we should not realistically be able to relate to the characters. They do this through amazing characterisation such as Wolf being possessive and domineering, like you could imagine a Wolf would be.

I feel as if the ending was somewhat rushed but at the same time, it was delivered perfectly. I can imagine after the ordeal they had been through, and Wolf’s possessive attitude, that their romance would be quick, fast, and so damned passionate that all of us were wishing that we were a part of it. Once again, this is thanks to Kimagure’s fantastic writing.

Thanks to an extremely addictive plot that transgresses quickly and fluently, Kimagure has their audience hooked in “The Wolf and the Seal” from the very beginning and does not let go until the last word. A must read for everybody!


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