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Nameless by Wylderaven
It wasn’t the leather pants that got my attention, nor was it the clear pale eyes or the messy waves of hair that fell to the shoulders of his jacket. It was the fact that he was standing on my car... 
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Melissa Thinks: Writers block: we've all suffered from this terrible debilitation. It eats away at your mind and soul, keeps you from being, well, you. That's what's happened to Corrine. Words seem to escape her every time she sits down to write, until a nameless (hence the title) man drops into her life: literally. He becomes somewhat of a muse as she uses his situation to write a story: the story of his past. Why can't he remember who he is? Why did he land on Corrine's car? These are the questions she must answer in order to save her writing career. Packed full of emotion and wonderful diction, Nameless mixes both the actual story and the writing of Corrine together to make a short, wonderful tale of unimaginably sweet romance and creativity. I must warn you, however, if believability is what you treasure most in a story, then this one if probably not for you. In a single word, the ending could be described as bitter-sweet, so don't expect a cliché-filled happy ending. Wylderaven definitely gives her readers something distinct and pleasantly unusual to read in a category filled with predictability.

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  1. So, I never check my "wylderaven" email these days...but slogging through epic spam, I came across your review from Fictionpress, and it led me here. Thank you, honestly and truly. This makes me want to write again.




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