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The Art of Movie Making

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The Art of Movie Making by TuneOut
“He was the new star of Hollywood. She was the industry veteran. They were the duo that burned so bright that when they burst, it was like a perfect Oscar movie.”
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Amy Thinks: When I first joined Fictionpress, I was constantly seeing updates for The Art of Movie Making as I scrolled through options to read. However, I hadn't ever clicked on it to read. And I must say that I am ashamed to have put it off until now.

Although only twenty years old, Avis Portman has spent her entire lifetime in the acting world. Her sister left the industry to pursue a college degree, leaving Avis to deal with their overbearing stage mom. But no matter how many years she's endured, she was never going prepared for the new heartthrob, Wesley Finch. We first meet Avis as she's admiring Wes from across the room at an event. Despite his leaner versus bulky frame, his dark hair and blue eyes seem to captivate her. Until he opens his mouth. Just by his actions you can see how much he despises her, whether he has a good reason or not to be civil with her. Things get even more complicated when Was and Avis are set to be the star crossed lovers in a movie. Will the sexual tension that sparks between them ignite a fiery love? Or just add more fuel to the fires of hate?

The thing I greatly enjoyed about the story, was the way TuneOut made me feel the emotions. My heart ached when theirs did, to the point I had to fight tears. I would have found it interesting how Wes dealt with things after they finished filming their movie, but because of it being in Avis' point of view, I will just have to imagine everything how I wish it would be. From family strains, to relationship problems, to the ever present body image scenario, the story made all the pressures of Hollywood relatable to us normal people. Sure, there were the minor grammatical/spelling errors, but overall it didn't deter from the overall charm of the story. It even made me get back into my own Hollywood story grove.


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