Sunday, October 21, 2012

Caller Unknown

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So you find a phone, and you take it, because… it's a free phone, why wouldn't you? And it's pretty sweet until the angry owner starts calling you every chance he gets.
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Amy Thinks: I cannot tell you how many cell phones are brought to me at work that I end up putting into the lost and found pile. I have not, however, taken one and seen if the owner would call.

While having a coffee date with her best friend Carrie, Alana goes digging in couch cushions for some spare change when Carrie falls short. After finding some odd cents here and there, she comes across something that definitely isn't coin, but a cell phone. A nice, expensive phone at that. Like any normal person that goes by the concrete rule of 'finders keepers, losers weepers', she keeps the phone for her to least until the owner cuts off the service. Instead, the mysterious owner calls and argues with Alana multiple times, to the point where she looks forward to the times the phone rings.

Caller Unknown is a feel good read. She Had Somewhere To Go made even the secondary characters feel like someone you either know now, or have known. The phone calls between Alana and the mystery owner are laugh out loud funny and have you excited for that next call along with the main character. After reading Opposite Ends of the Spectrum by the same author, I have no doubt in my mind of the writing ability she has. She can do drama, humor, and fluff like it's second nature.

And after this one shot, I'd bet anything that readers will go on a hunt for lost phones in hopes to find their own unknown mystery caller.


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