Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Coffee Shop

Posted by A Drop of Romeo at 12:14 PM

He didn't like coffee. Or waiting. Thankfully, she was there to help pass the time.
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Melissa Thinks: Even though I knew what was gonna happen from the very beginning, The Coffee Shop was still quite an enjoyable read. It takes place in a coffee shop, where a man sits down at an empty table, waiting for someone. We don't know who or why, but his conversation with the mystery woman who sits down across from him may reveal the answers. Conceptually, it’s beautiful; a simple scene that makes your heart skip just from the amazing romantic and mysterious tones. The style is fantastic and fresh with a great amount of characterization for such a small amount of writing. Words seem to flow and fit together like pieces of a puzzle with a pleasant voice, showing how talented the author is. The ending is bittersweet, yet it it's still happy and leaves much to the imagination of the reader. The Coffee Shop is definitely going on my favorites list.


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