Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Horrible Mistake

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The Devil grinned wickedly and stared down at her broken body. Her mangled wings spread out painfully and her bruises ached. The last Angel was dying and The Devil stood and watched.
Banner Credit: Ali

Melissa Thinks: The definition of short and bitter-sweet, Horrible Mistake by Penelope P. definitely lives up to the reputation this well written author has made for herself. It's a simple, yet complex, one shot that explores the true nature of good and evil. It's compact; packing a powerful punch to those who read it. Not only does the premise stray from the cliched angel/demon stories, but it leaves much to the reader's imagination: what happened before this beautiful scene took place? What are the specifics of this complex relationship our two main characters share? What strange world do these creatures live in? And most importantly, what happens next?


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