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Brier Wood

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Davi Marshall left Brier Wood ten years ago with the intention of never returning. Now, she is forced to face her past, the demons that wait for her to confront them, and the man who is nothing like the boy she once knew.
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Rosie Thinks: This story hooked me in from the very beginning with it's utter originality and cu-kid's amazing way with words. And, having read this story numerous times, I can safely say that it will keep drawing you in again and again. The emotion is perfectly portrayed through the characters and even though it's in third person, you can still feel the emotion and Davi's voice strongly.

Now let me just take a moment to fangirl over Fallon (let me assure you, once you've finished reading this story, you'll be the same!). I never knew how sexy cowboys could be until this story. Fallon was definitely rugged around the edges but with a gentleness on the inside that was just plain endearing (even though he barely ever let it show!). The chemistry and electric emotions between Davi and Fallon were just about palpable, aided by their shared past.

From the beginning, cu-kid gives you hints into what happened to Davi in her past, but draws the suspense out perfectly. The tension created from this suspense and the friction between Davi and Fallon is more than enough to keep you well and truly hooked. It was enthralling to see both Fallon and Davi change and develop over the time that the story takes place. I have to warn everyone though, be ready with a tissue box because there are some utterly heartbreaking scenes and fights in this story. I like to think if a story can make me cry, then the author is doing something very right! All of cu-kid's writing is emotion filled and flows beautifully. Her descriptions were all so realistic that I had a clear picture in my mind of the farm and what was going on.


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