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Hooked on Him

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Hooked on Him by lulu.lemon
Moved to a new town to live with my Dad. Went to a party. Got a tad bit drunk. Hooked up with some guy, only to find out that my Dad happens to be his football coach and he just happens to practically live at my house...Problem? Yes.

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Amy Thinks: I read this before it was posted on ADoR. The summary was originally drew me in. It was catchy, and how the title played into the summary and how the two met was definitely a creative hook (hehe. See what I did?).

Sandra Hennesey is the new girl in town and doesn't get off on the right foot with the school's heartthrob and star athlete. As if getting a little too intoxicated at a party and then having a hot and heavy make out session wasn't enough, Lucas Pearson is constantly at her house. Things wouldn't have been quite as bad if Lucas was such a cocky son of a gun the next morning. Instead, he gets on Sandra's nerves. However, with Lucas always around, it's only a matter of time before the initial attraction becomes too much and lines become blurred.

When it comes to pet peeves I have when judging a story, I have to admit that Hooked on Him has a handful. There are present to past tense switches, to some iffy grammar, and a handful of spelling errors. I also thought that there wasn't as much hate/love going on throughout the story. There was some in the beginning, and towards the end with sappy couple love in the middle. However, the first time I read it, none of that truly bothered me all that much. We all, as ameature writers, make mistakes. I only had a more critical eye when I became a judge on ADoR. But, I do want to make it known that despite all my pet peeves, lulu.lemon has a way of making you fall for the characters and rooting for them to live happily ever after in the end. Besides, who could not love the obvious chemistry between Lucas and Sandra.

Before you get Hooked on Him, and wish you had your own Lucas (or Sandra) in your life, be aware that the ending may not be what you expect. It just means you'll have to go read the (COMPLETED!!) sequel to find out what will happen next.


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