Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Marriage of Inconvenience

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A Marriage of Inconvenience by Random Acts of Authorship
Kate needs a Green Card, Owen needs a wife. For these platonic friends a marriage of convenience seems to be the perfect solution. Instead getting engaged is just the beginning of their problems.
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Rosie Thinks: This story, as the title suggests, starts off with 'The Marriage Cliche' - where both parties aren't in love but get married out of convenience. I've seen this cliche so many times that I was a bit hesitant to start this, but this story is definitely a twist on the norm.

Owen and Kate are just friends, but when Kate's in jeopardy of being deported and Owen's being labelled a playboy (bad for business), they decide to marry. It isn't done spur-of-the-moment, completely unrealistically either - instead, the marriage happens for reasons and in a way that it is realistic. The fact that they are friends before they marry puts an interesting twist on the whole story and something that I didn't expect at all.

I wouldn't really say that this story has one main character - I felt like it had four, but they're all pretty well developed and not stereotypical. This story wasn't overly emotional or anything dramatic like that, but it makes for a really lovely read that flowed yet was still complex. Friendship is also a focus in this story and the two romances that developed were just downright beautiful.


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