Sunday, November 4, 2012

After Dinner Mints in the Fast Food Bag

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After Dinner Mints in the Fast Food Bag by Lilith Rei
Jack bet that he could date any girl he walked up to, but he never counted on falling in love with her. When she learns about the bet, Nora runs out on him without a word. Years later, she's assigned a case in which Jack is the lead detective
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Melissa Thinks: This takes an unexpected twist on the “bet she could fall in love with me” story line that we’ve seen time and time again. Jack and Nora have a history, and a slightly depressing one at that. Nora hasn’t seen Jack for years, not since she found out he was only with her to win a bet. So when she finds that he’s the lead detective on her case, she’s not exactly the world’s happiest woman. After all they’ve been through, will they be able to get along for this case? Or will sparks fly?

Such a refreshing story! It takes that much needed spin on an old plot that can sometimes be super annoying. We always wonder what happens after a story, and I feel like this addresses that. It’s definitely a more realistic turn of events than most other cliched stories. The story flies by quickly, and can probably be read in one or two sittings. The characters standout; they’re strong, emotion-filled, and distinct. The story had enough drama so that it wasn’t boring, yet not so much that it was unrealistic. Overall, very cute, very creative, very out of the ordinary.


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