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Kohl by Callisto Jean
He wore eyeliner. That fact alone was enough to keep them worlds apart. But, in an exchange of secrets for secrets, worlds aren't so far apart. And lines separate just as they connect.
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Belinda Thinks: Despite being on opposite ends of the social spectrum, Adrienne and Carlos are very similar people. Their respect for reputation, honor and reciprocity makes them equals in temperament, though their priorities are different.

Adrienne is chasing straight A’s, needing just one more student interview to complete her assignment. Her last target is Carlos, the reputedly dangerous skater boy whose use of “guyliner” only goes to show just how different their social statuses really are.

Although she hints at a shared past, the focus of the story is their interactions as they are now, high school students in separate cliques. At first they are talking just so Adrienne can get her assignment done, but soon they are sharing increasingly intimate secrets. From each exchange, we can glean something about their individual philosophies and their relationship. It’s a gradual and riveting revelation between equals.

While I’d love to see more of these interesting and vivid characters, I’ll settle for rereading this one-shot a few more times. It’s beautifully written and a very worthy addition to the archives.


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