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It Can Always Get Worse

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It Can Always Get Worse by Ollie May
Spies, roommates, scars, MCATS, kisses, mafiosos. Trust me, it can ALWAYS get worse.
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Brittany Thinks: I love a story that's funny without really trying to be and that's what I found in It Can Always Get Worse by Ollie May. The plot is unique in that the heroine, Lana, opens up the story having already been kidnapped by a Russian Mob boss. He then forces Lana to tell the story of how she met and became close to her best friend Antony, though the Boss' interest in her life is not fully explained. Antony was characterized brilliantly and I found myself as desperate to know more about him as Lana was. I expected this story to carry a darker tone because of Lana's situation, but the story is split perfectly between her present predicament and flashbacks of her life and friendship with Antony. Plus, she's hilarious and snarky without being overly so. Ollie May invented wonderful characters that readers can easily fall in love with and wove a story of secrets, questions, and uncertainty that will have you guessing with every chapter. I was so enthralled that I couldn't stop reading!

Fair warning: This story is incomplete and hasn't been updated since 2010. I think it's still well worth the read because, at 26 chapters and 70,000+ words, we learn a lot about the characters and their experiences. However, it does end on a cliffhanger. I certainly don't regret reading it because what she has posted thus far is amazing. Lana and Antony have a great dynamic and the supporting characters are well developed with their own sub plots to flesh out a complete universe. There's enough foreshadowing to provide an idea of where the story would have gone had Ollie May continued posting. I have hope, honestly, that it may be updated some day because a few chapters were posted with at least a two year break in between. My opinion: it's worth the risk! If you're looking for a great read, a few laughs, and an escape to a world completely different from your own, this is a story for you.


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