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The Word Writ on Her Face

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Since the posting of this review, this story has been removed from FictionPress by the author.

The Word Writ on Her Face by this wild abyss
I'd never seen a person like Wisteria. She was somethin' special, sure enough, but at the same time, I got the feelin' that she wasn't right. Something was wrong in her.
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Ali Thinks: "The Word Writ on Her Face" is a extraordinary short story about an unnamed narrator and his fascination with the ever enigmatic Wisteria. Through just 1,638 words, This Wild Abyss effortlessly paints a beautiful, intricate community, creates a curious and innocent protagonist, and hangs a veil of mystery around Wisteria, the anomaly in town.

Wisteria, the pretty miss with a blank face and striking blue eyes, has a face that never says anything at all. Everyone else, on the other hand, can (and does) communicate with words that appear on their faces. The fact that Wisteria can't just adds to the intrigue the unnamed narrator-- and the reader-- feel for her.

The narrator, being as innocent as he or she is, is ignorant about a lot concerning Wisteria, including her real name. This lack of knowledge is extended to the reader, and with it comes the drive to figure out what exactly Wisteria had seen to make her become such a mysterious figure. The Wild Abyss
keeps it a secret until the very, very end, and once you get there, I guarantee you'll scroll right back up
to the top and read it again.


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