Sunday, November 11, 2012

Just for Glory

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Amazing what occurs when witty bad boy Donovan makes a bet to seduce sarcastic good girl Piper. Follow the story of their intertwined existence through high school as lessons are learned and relationships forged.
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Belinda Thinks: I read this whole story in one night - not my best move, considering I had two papers to write, but otherwise completely satisfying and totally worth it. I am in awe of Imaginary Parachute’s skill in characterisation, insight and writing in general.
The story begins with an unpleasant hallway encounter at high school. Donovan is a well-known pothead and slacker, while Piper is the notoriously frigid and clever wallflower. Their unusual friendship develops from a bet - refreshingly, the bet is quickly cast aside without further repercussions, instead of taking over and ruining their relationship.

The author keeps a tight focus on their relationship, giving it time and opportunity to slowly mature without distracting the reader with the high school nonsense that often revolves around main characters. Also, the story is written from both points of view so that the reader really understands both sides of any argument and the conflicting feelings and denial Donovan and Piper face. The pace is fairly slow, but each chapter is filled with detail and reveals something about each character, so that not one of the chapters is extraneous or dull. The deliberate, lingering mood of the story makes the ending exquisitely emotional.

I still think of Donovan and Piper fondly; that is how well and how realistically they were written. I cannot expound enough on the merits and beauty of this story. Read it. Read it.

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  1. I wouldn't say Piper's few-lined summary at the end of each chapter qualifies to make it a two PoV story.



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