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The Slave of Heaven Book One

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The Slave of Heaven Book One by RyAnn Leigh
Lilith, a half-angel, is having a hard time at life-things only get worse when she meets Lucien-a wild and darkly seductive Vampiric rockstar. Add an Undead god who stirs from a centuries long nap into the mix and things go from bad to downright dangerous
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Rosie Thinks: The world that RyAnn Leigh has created is extremely imaginative and vivid. It's set in a modern day world, but with the addition of all manner of supernatural beings - light and dark elves, vampires, minotaurs, Nephilim, the list goes on. The Nephilim live in their 'White City', and the structure, traditions and customs found there were so detailed and amazing. The women, from our view, could be seen as oppressed but this is just the Nephilim way in the story.

Her descriptions make her world so vivid, with an almost poetic tone to it. However, it's too direct to be flowery, which is a good thing in my opinion. The narration reflects Lillith's personality extremely well and it was interesting to see her grappling with the difference in beliefs between races. The way that the races interact with each other was great to see as well, with the Nephilim and the vampires having a deep racial hatred for one another. The long histories of each of the races are just fantastic and so very intricate! But oh lord, Lucien! He was built up quite a lot from the start and their first encounters didn't disappoint! He managed to pull off being completely seductive without becoming seedy, forced, or downright corny.

I know quite a few people complained that the beginning was slow, but for me each chapter was enthralling and necessary to set up the world. There were a few small mistakes, with using the wrong word or forgetting the ' n't ' at the end of a word, but it isn't distracting at all, especially when the rest is so well written. Honestly though, towards the end of the story I thought Lilith's character was going backwards, instead of progressing, and her obtuse-ness was almost frustrating. It could just be me though! Despite this, I urge fantasy/supernatural fans to give it a go!


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