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Blue Eyes

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Blue Eyes by dear-llama
“What’s wrong?” Before I knew it, he had placed himself squarely in my path. And – dare I say it – he actually sounded a little angry and hurt. “Why are you not stalking me anymore?”
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Helen Thinks: I’m going to be honest with you and state that when I read the story summary of this story I felt my heart sink and thought that this was going to be a ridiculously unrealistic story but decided I would read it with an open mind. And boy, am I glad that I made such a decision! Dear-llama has created a masterpiece in “Blue Eyes” that will have anyone falling in love with.

Beth is a college student and she knows there’s not going to be a dull moment, especially not when she’s taken up stalking as a hobby. Who was the victim of her stalking? A guy with eyes so blue she could see them from miles. Eventually, the stalking turns into friendship and he asks her for advice on how to find a girl. Beth knows what’s happening. He’s being hypothetical and really talking about her, or so she thinks. Her dreams are dashed when during their next meeting Blue Eyes introduces her to his girlfriend...

“Blue Eyes” is perfectly written. The two characters are extremely realistic despite the fact that Beth is a ‘stalker’ and that Blue Eyes is okay with that. Their conversations are light hearted and make you realise that they are just two strangers forming a bond while at college. I mean seriously, how many of us haven’t seen boys with pretty eyes (and ocean blue are always a killer!) and thought he was so pretty we could cry?

The most powerful thing for me in this story was the end where dear-llama works her magic and gives us the end we’ve all been waiting for. Its cliché, it’s beautiful and for you to find out I suggest you go read... IMMEDIATELY.


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