Sunday, November 4, 2012

New judges

Posted by A Drop of Romeo at 7:14 PM
As you all can see, there's been a double update last night because I couldn't update last weekend. Ten new stories, enjoy!

There are four new judges who have been added to the ADoR Staff. I intended on taking one or two, but in light of some of the judges giving up their categories due to their busy lives, I was able to take more. Congratulations to Ariana, Ali, Brittany, and Marta!


  1. Hey! It's really cool hearing about 4 new judges and the banners made by them were pretty awesome! Could we have profiles on them, like there are on the current judges? It'd be wonderful if we could get to know our judges a little better!


  2. @Lea, I just made the staff banners last night and I think they came out pretty good, so you can expect the new judges to have the required staff page questions and banners up sometime this month, probably :)



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