Sunday, November 4, 2012

Picture Perfect

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Picture Perfect by candii-apple
How to win over the girl of your dreams: have her catch you wearing nothing but a pair of hot pink, Disney Princess patterned boxers, attempting to photocopy your ass. Humilating? You have no idea.
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Annie Thinks: This one-shot belongs in the history books as the first story in a male's POV that I've read on FictionPress. I know that there are more out there, but I tend to shy away from the unfamiliar; however, this one made me want to read more of them.
It's about Bryan, who, on a dare, is in a public library photocopying his rear end (butt-copying, he dubs it). His friend, James, is the one who dared him to do so and put the picture up at school for all to see come Monday morning. Of course, as fate would have it, Bryan's long-time crush (he calls her "The One") catches him in the act, thus ensuing humiliation, hilarity, and those scenes that make you go awww!

In the "Why You Like It" portion of the suggestion form (which, if you were wondering, the judges totally take into account), the suggestor said the voice sounds female-ish at times, which I guess I can understand, but I never personally got that idea while reading it. Although, I'm not a guy so I could be totally wrong about that. Masculine or not, the voice was funny, witty, realistic, and sweet. The plot was original but not unbelievable; the characters were likable and quirky; the dialogue was easy to imagine. I loved the ending because it was vague and completely open-ended, which is very hard to pull off in a satisfying way. Picture Perfect definitely sets itself apart from other one-shots and even full-length stories on FictionPress with its originality, silliness, and unique charm.


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