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Little Less Obvious

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Little Less Obvious by the64single
“There was no one in the world that Keri DeGiovanni hated more than Alexander Vidal. Which was why when she found a shirtless Alex with his arms around her bare body and no recollection of the night before, she was a bit surprised.”
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Amy Thinks: A classic tale of a night of drinking gone wrong. After a Sunday night end of summer bash, Keri DeGiovanni wakes up with a hangover from Hell. But that's not the worst part of the morning. Oh, no. That would be finding herself naked in bed with her nemesis, Alexander Vidal.

Keri always held a grudge against Alex from the time they were little kids. He's been a constant nuisance for as long as she can remember, but the breaking point was when he stole her best friend from her in middle school, leaving her alone. Come high school, his playboy, womanizing ways haven't help change her opinion of him. However, after that fateful night Alex sets his sights on her. First it's to lure her into another round in the sack, but morphs into him wanting to prove to her he isn't a bad guy. From tutoring sessions, pestering her at lunch, to being the lead singer of Little Less Obvious (the band and singer Keri's in love with), he's found a way to become a constant figure in her life; so constant that their relationship is continually evolving.

the64single manages to create characters that flaws that are a little difficult to overcome. When a person has acted a certain way for so long, it's hard to actually change, even when they want/have to. It makes the characters relatable, as we all have obstacles to overcome in becoming who we want to be. She writes scenes that literally make your breath hitch and your heart ache. With the exception of minor spelling errors throughout the story, I felt it was pretty well written. My only major critique would be the abrupt POV switches. It'll be in Keri's POV one moment and the next couple paragraphs would be her mother's, brother's, or a friend's, and then switching back to Keri. It just threw me for a loop a few times when I'd be seeing things from one person's perspective and then it's another's.

All in all, Little Less Obvious is one story you'll pull your hair out while reading, cry along with the characters, and believe that love really can strem from years of hatred.


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