Sunday, December 23, 2012

Finding Home

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Finding Home by ThePiracyofHearts
Lana Miller is spending her summer packing up her childhood home with her parents. This would be quite enough to handle on its own, but she keeps running into her old high school crush at every turn. While everything changes, some things stay the same.
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Rosie Thinks: I found 'Finding Home' to be a beautiful and sweet story of what happens to the geek/hot guy cliche when they've grown up. I love the whole premise for this story - Lana keeps running into her high school crush and her old feelings flare to life soon enough. Arlowe is facing enormous pressure from his father, who seems to butt into every aspect of his life, which creates a serious edge to the story. However, I think it's very sweet while still maintaining that mature tone.

From reading a huge amount of stories on fictionpress, I've found that mothers of the MC generally get merged into one person in my mind, with no distinct character. However, in this story the mum is just plain hilarious and so very distinctive! The same with the father, but I found the mother definitely stood out more for me with her craziness. The dialogue is seriously amazing - it's all spot on and the character's voices are all distinctive, so I didn't once get confused about who was speaking. The characters ThePiracyOfHearts created were all so colourful and interesting to read about, as well as being pretty well developed. A few parts of it do get a bit too cliche and unrealistic but overall, I didn't get that impression at all.


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