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Rejected by WaitingForTheEnd
Prince Damian rejects the girl chosen by his mother without meeting her and without knowing the girl can hear every word of his rejection. Years later he finally meets her again and falls for her without knowing she is the same person.
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Ciara Thinks: Without even meeting her, Damien rejects the girl his mother picked to be his bride based upon the superficial rumours and gossip of the court. The girl, Delilah, hears every word and is heartbroken charmed by the stories and pictures of the dashing Crown Prince. When they meet again three years later he is intrigued by her as she ignores him.

What makes this story stand out in particular to me is that Prince Damien is far from the usual dashing Prince and has some genuinely dislikeable traits – he’s arrogant, aggressive, bitter, jealous and disrespectful. Despite that, he does have redeeming qualities such as his loyalty and protectiveness and as the story goes on, it is interesting to see his character change for the better as he slowly learns to recognise the goodness in Delilah that he lacks and is humbled somewhat.

Delilah herself is not a headstrong character by any means, but she strengthens as the story progresses. She is a victim of the superficial society and though she tries to keep up appearances, largely for her younger cousin’s sake, has resigned herself to being unpopular and a spinster. In a way, she is the most frustrating character, as she fails to see the good in most people, or indeed, in herself.

The rest of the characters support Rejected well; particularly Cecilia, Delilah’s younger cousin, whose dynamism brings some colour to our world weary heroine and Lady Beatrice who finally does some justice to the typically antagonistic role of the Prince’s former flame. My main criticism of a character would be the antagonist(s) – they feel too predictable and a little cartoonish.

Despite not being set in any particular time nor place, WaitingForTheEnd has depicted court life in an accurate manner – the frivolity and ceremony intermixed with rumour, intrigue and good old fashioned cattiness.

The story moves at a good pace for the unfolding relationship between Damien and Delilah, however the grammar suffers a little in places, not to a truly distracting level; merely a few dropped words, awkward sentences and the odd error in punctuation.

The generally serious tone of the plot is offset by some touching and light-hearted moments, including the particularly lovable drabbles WaitingForTheEnd continues to publish in place of the traditional epilogue. Thought-provoking at times, if you’re looking for a light-hearted story, Rejected isn’t it, but on the whole, it is an excellent read.


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