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Mistlerun by ice-cold-pepsi
Mistletoe,' he repeated. I stared blankly at him, looked up above our heads, turned back to the smirk emerging on his face...and promptly ran off. Stuff tradition. 
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Belinda Thinks: For recent high-school graduate Christine, Christmas used to be magical and enchanting. But in recent years, a certain Christian Logan has managed to ruin the holiday spirit, and the end of year festivities that their families share are now mixed with resentment and anger.

This Christmas is no different. After being coerced into attending the party, Christine spends her time avoiding contact with Christian and his popular cronies, watching TV with the young children instead. But her efforts are in vain when he finds her at the end of the night. This confrontation finally provides the explanations that Christine had been waiting for, while revealing more about their relationship - because the story is told from her point of view, the reader is learning the truth at the same time as the protagonist, which gave the story an emotional strength.

Supporting characters are generally well written and multi-faceted. Christine’s mother is frighteningly devious, and her well-intentioned meddling is both a welcome foil to Christine’s grumpiness and part of the reason for it. Christian seems to be callous and uncaring, but proves himself to be more than just another popular guy.

Although the final use of mistletoe may be predictable, it works well nonetheless. If you could use a little Christmas spirit in advance, read this sweet one-shot.


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