Sunday, December 23, 2012

Five Tasks of the Riverside

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Five Tasks of the Riverside by star123
"I know what you're thinking, and you're wrong. We don't want to do anything perverted with your underpants, on the contrary, they'd be revered." Some Saturday nights are more interesting than others...

Melissa Thinks: When a boy from the neighboring all boy’s school breaks into Elsie’s room late Saturday night and asks for her a pair of her panties to help him complete a set of tasks, she knows it’s gonna be an interesting night. In the true star123 fashion, Five Tasks of the Riverside is filled with eloquent language, powerful voice, and brilliant vocabulary. As with most of her stories, it keeps you guessing “what next?” from the moment you start. I’ve never read a one shot with this concept before; originality is definitely one of star’s great talents. Smithy is adorable, as is his relationship with Elsie. It grows at the right pace and blossoms beautifully throughout the story. The dialogue, authentic and hilarious, leaps right out of the screen, speaking to the reader as if the characters themselves are conversing right before your eyes. So, if you haven’t read this awesome one shot already, now’s the time to get to it.


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