Sunday, December 23, 2012

I Knew a Girl with Winter in her Eyes

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I Knew a Girl with Winter in her Eyes by Mcrae-by-nature
A brief poetry anthology highlighting the beauties of hardship, the comforts of the written word, and the insecurities of the human soul.
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Helen Thinks: ‘I Knew a Girl with Winter in Her Eyes’ by Mcrae-by-Nature is the first poem in an anthology the author created called ‘Where They May’. Sadly, I have not read the other poems that complete the ten set anthology (but this will be something that will be changed in the near future!) but I believe that Mcrae-by-Nature’s writing will be just as fantastic in them all. ‘I Knew a Girl with Winter in Her’ is a stunning masterpiece with rich prose that actually manages to spin an image in the reader’s mind. Even from the first line, the writer has you sucked into their flawless poetry and makes you want to re-read every word so that you haven’t missed a thing. With a slick beat and beautiful imagery, this is a poem that everyone should check out.

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  1. I know I'm quite late in responding to this, but thank you so much for the amazing review!



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