Sunday, December 9, 2012

Leggo My Ego

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So, I threw a waffle at the biggest asshole in the school. He would have walked off without incident, but I just had to ask him, "Would you like some syrup with that?" 
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Belinda Thinks: A simple money-making venture turns into something more when Wendy catches the attention of the school’s most infamous bad boy, Max Fields, by catapulting a waffle at his head.
But Max soon goes from being a regular breakfast client to a friend. Their developing relationship isn’t traditional or even particularly romantic to begin with - he’s used to getting his way, and she bites back - but their chemistry is natural and entertaining.

Wendy is a strong narrator who gives the reader a story made with equal parts amusing frankness and witty sarcasm, and peppered with fantastic one-liners. She isn’t jaded or naive, just a normal girl with a gift for waffle making: a refreshing change from the many female main characters to whom we don’t really relate.

The writer has a fantastic writing voice which sustains the flow of the story and makes Wendy’s experience and point of view realistic and engaging. But as her senior year draws to a close, so must the waffle supply, forcing Max and Wendy to find alternate arrangements for their morning meetings.

Short, sweet and syrupy, this is a one-shot you won’t regret reading!


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