Saturday, November 24, 2012

Of the Famous

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Of the Famous by xoxluurve
They were both idiots. Want to be treated normally? THEN DON’T GET FAMOUS. Shit, it wasn’t that hard.
Banner Credit: Nadiie

Rosie Thinks: With only three chapters, xoxluurve manages to weave an entire, interesting story that hooked me in from the start. I just loved every aspect of it and the whole plot: Sera befriends a famous actress, and when she meets her best friend, Talen Spencer, can't help but be attracted to him even though her mind doesn't agree. The exchanges between Talen and Sera were witty and quick, and they also served to characterise the two really well. I, personally, really loved Sera as a character - she's a mix of quirky, witty and down-to-earth that made it very interesting and never boring to read in her perspective.

I've found that stories that feature famous people have the tendency to be a bit corny or unrealistic, but this didn't happen at all in 'Of the Famous', and neither did any of the characters or situations fall into any stereotypes. This made for a really sweet story, with enough emotion to balance it out so it wasn't just a ball of fluff.


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